Sharing my addiction to Torchwood fan fiction

Because the world really needed another Torchwood fic rec blog.

Intersecting Geodesics by Nancy Brown

Highly recommended along with all the other stories in Nancy  Brown’s Intersections series. 

Rating: R (language, situations, violence)
Spoilers: up through CoE, brief mentions of events from “Pack Animals,” “Almost Perfect” and “Lost Souls”
Characters: Ianto, Jack, John, (Eleven and announced companion)
Warnings: Various shades of dub-con, non-descriptive mentions of sex trafficking, character death. I am operating under the assumption that John Hart is Captain Bad Touch, and so should you for the duration of this story.
Wordcount: 36,000 overall
Betas: Deepest thanks go out to 51stcenturyfox and Amilyn for the Britpicking, beta work, and all those other little details that made this story stronger; anything that’s still misplaced, misspelled, misplotted or just plain missing is my fault
Disclaimer: Not my characters, not my show. If they’d catch a clue and shut up in my head, we’d all be happier. Cover Art: here, by CourtingBlues Children of Time Winner, Round Six, Torchwood, Slash

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    This is easily my fave CoE fix-it, and one of the best Torchwood fics, at least plotwise, I’ve read. And I’ve read it...